Building up: Local developer sets her sights on making a big impact

When Jamie Broderick set her sights on the former chiropractic office of Dr. Ostergren, the building that now is home to Bricks Real Estate at 702 Ashman in Midtown, she knew long-term, it would never be just an office space.

With Downtown Midland development growing, Broderick knew that growth was bound to spread to Midtown. Thus, Jamie and her husband Daniel signed on the dotted line and bought the building two and a half years ago, and Bricks opened in November 2017.

“We were initially looking to rent something for the office space, but in strategizing with a business coach, we settled into buying, especially after seeing the potential of the building within a great neighborhood,” says Broderick.

Broderick is going up... and will break ground on the addition in early 2020.

Building up Midtown
With those neighborhood assets in mind, Broderick knew her long-term plan was to make way for additional use of the building and other ways to engage the community beyond just Bricks.

“We are coming up on our second anniversary in the building, so now that things are settled, I’ve been working on some exciting additions that I’ve had in mind for a while.”

Her plan? Broderick is building up Midtown. Literally.

Jamie plans to add on to the existing Bricks Real Estate space by building on top of the footprint for the new venture.

Plans are currently underway with Three Rivers Corporation to add on to the building.

“The build involves adding an additional one or two stories above the current foundation for what will be a neighborhood gathering space with craft cocktails, weekend brunch and some great outdoor rooftop seating,” says Broderick. “I am currently working with Three Rivers Corporation to weigh the different options, layouts and more.”

Details are still taking shape, but Jamie shared some particulars of the project with us. The name will be Rocks, which (along with Bricks) comes from an anagram of the Broderick’s last name as well as a nod to the reference ‘on the rocks’.

Jamie discussing plans with Three Rivers Corporation.

“I love the Midtown neighborhood and knew that long-term, the building and space had the potential for use beyond our real estate office for Bricks,” says Broderick. “So, I’ve had a few years to think of some additions that would be great for the community.”

The inspiration for the space will build upon the building’s midcentury-modern roots. Exterior support beams will both function as support for the addition and add to the building’s design. Plans are still being drawn up, but Jamie shared a few pictures of inspiration with us that are a part of her overall plan for Rocks.

The inspiration for the space will build upon the building’s midcentury modern roots.

“I want to work with the design of the building as it exists and we have about a 2,400 square foot footprint to work with,” says Broderick. “It will be a cool mix of wood and industrial elements both inside and out. I’m planning to have some great outdoor seating options and some shade incorporated with both panels as well as trees and greenery.”Inspiration that Jamie shared for Rocks.

Building on Bricks’ great remodel, Rocks will have an updated mid-century and industrial vibe on the outside that will match the work the Broderick’s have already done. Rocks will break ground on the addition in the first quarter of 2020.

On the inside, Jamie is planning to have a bar and kitchen and two accessible bathrooms. In addition, an external ADA lift will function for universal access. For grub and libations, she notes that her vision is to have a rotating and cooperative kitchen with as many local ingredients as possible.

“I would like to switch things up for brunch on the weekends, with a different menu and maybe even rotating chefs.”

Some of Jamie's inspiration for Rocks (Broderick's image from Pinterest).

That’s right – you can expect a good brunch spot, something that’s been high on the wish list among many for some time.

“For drinks, I’m visioning to offer some creative cocktails with interesting pairings,” says Broderick. “And I want to put just as much creative emphasis on non-alcoholic options as well.”

  Plans for Rocks are taking shape.

Building up others
Broderick is taking her passion for helping others beyond the physical presence in Midtown or aiding in real estate transactions and will be launching a podcast this October. Titled Our Blossomed Community, her focus will be on personal growth, coaching and empowering women, as well as the things that are both important and challenging to them.

The podcast is in the final stages of development and Jamie is planning an initial launch of four episodes, continuing with at least one per week. Broderick will have the occasional guest join her as well for additional input and perspective.

The initial idea came from a vision board and goal of impacting the lives of at least 100,000 people through her life and work, which was a goal she made with inspiration from her favorite podcaster Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger.

Jamie Broderick, co-owner of Bricks Real Estate is adding a few more elements to her title by working on some of her passions.

“The premise will be on creating and living and intentional life, with some special guests mixed in,” says Broderick.

How does she pull it all off?Jamie inside the podcast recording studio at Imageworks.

Broderick is a firm believer in hiring out for professional expertise, and leverages help where needed so she can focus her time and attention where she wants.

“When you hire professionals, you can trust them to get it done,” says Broderick. “Once they understand my vision and where I want to go, my job is to get out of the way and let them do their job.”

“I try to leverage other’s expertise wherever possible, whether that is construction consultation with Three Rivers or with things like the podcast, I’ve sought the recording help from Imageworks, who specialize in video production, editing and also have a recording studio,” says Jamie. “I don’t have to worry about the software or editing post-production, I just show up and record and they take care of the rest.”

“If I want to learn something new, I probably know someone who has done it before or I can at least find an expert,” says Broderick. “I look at it as collapsing time when I can get up to speed from someone who has already done it before.”

Commenting on his wife’s ability to tackle it all, Daniel Broderick added that she personally lives by that intentional practice each day.

“As her husband, business partner, and greatest supporter, I can say with conviction that Jamie has a deeply rooted passion for positively impacting people’s lives, serving our community, creating more gathering spaces,” says Daniel. “She is passionate about living an entrepreneurial life of example by striving to be the change that she wants to see and doing her part to create a better Midland.”

“She tackles challenges by taking them head on, with clarity and intent. She has a process for making decisions but also knows that sometimes, you just have to make the decision and run with it. She's always open to learning through failure,” he says.

Jamie is passionate about living an entrepreneurial life of example by striving to be the change that she wants to see and doing her part to create a better Midland.

“Jamie has a unique perspective on being able to have balance and be a wife, mom, business owner and visionary. We believe that balance is simply being where you are. So, if you are with your kids, be fully present,” he says.

That mindset has helped Jamie continue to make an impact in the community in several capacities. Broderick currently sits on multiple community boards including Vision 2030, and is the newest member of the City Planning Commission.

She is also taking that build mentality to her team, and continuing to grow Bricks Real Estate with Daniel.

Jamie makes it a point to be fully present in whatever she is doing. (Photo Leslie Maddox)

And most importantly, her ability to leverage expertise where she can, focus her strengths accordingly and prioritize her time allows her enjoy life in the moment.

We look forward to seeing what Broderick continues to build for years to come.

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