What makes Midland special to you?

How’s your 2021 going so far?


Like many people, Catalyst Midland strives to set New Year’s resolutions (or annual goals; whatever you prefer to call them). One of our resolutions is to reinvigorate our Instagram presence with refreshing and exclusive content.


The aim of our page? To showcase the human stories of Midland. How do Midland residents live? For example, do you have a morning routine that you swear by? Where do you get your coffee? A favorite lunch spot? Street fashion? Additionally, we’ll be posting stand-out quotes from the week’s stories and a visual version of our weekly newsletter.


Our kick-off campaign is New Year’s resolutions.



We’re hoping that by showing off Midland (a.k.a., you) in a relaxed and candid way, we can further foster a sense of community in Midland. We want to give a voice to the aspects of Midland that wouldn’t normally get news coverage. These small, day-to-day stories, however, are arguably the most meaningful. These are the stories of our lives.


So if you want to give a shout-out to your favorite restaurant, divulge the best walking spots, or share photos of your beloved pets, we want to hear from you. If you have an idea or a submission, email crystal@catalystmidland.com. For a submission, we ask that you provide at least one photo and a few sentences of text, which could be a quote.


For an upcoming long-term series, we want to take a look inside Midland’s homes! Are you especially proud of your interior design? Does your home have interesting historical elements? If you’re interested in giving us the house tour, please email crystal@catalystmidland.com.

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Crystal Gwizdala grew up in the Tri-Cities and enjoys broadcasting all the positive change happening in Midland. As Assistant Editor for Catalyst Midland, her favorite topics are environment, wellness, mental health, and the arts. As a human, Crystal is a serial hobbyist: hiking, drawing, yoga, and playing music. Her work can be seen in The Detroit Free Press, Midland Daily News, and The Delta Collegiate. To see what Crystal’s up to, you can follow her on Twitter @CrystalGwizdala.
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