Hannah’s Flowers, a new floral business, is blooming in Midland

Hannah Tiffin has had a love for flowers since she was a little girl. Growing up, she built a workbench of fallen bricks from an old house at the edge of the family’s property in Maryland, taking cut flowers – daffodils, honeysuckle and other summer blossoms – and play flower shop. She would also set out cut flowers to paint, selling the artwork to her neighbors, year after year.


Decades later, Tiffin has now developed her childhood hobby into a floral business, Hannah’s Flowers, which opened in Midland in January 2019.Hannah Tiffin, owner of Hannah's Flowers


Born in Midland, Tiffin’s family moved to Maryland when she was young but she came back to visit over many summers. As the fourth generation of floral designers and florist owners in her family, she watched the floral designers in her family create arrangements of all kinds growing up, much as an artist would create his or her masterpiece.


Fast forward many years later where her passion for floral design, watercolors and pressed flowers has flourished, Tiffin credits those early years of influence as her inspiration. Studying top floral designers from around the world, she created her own floral ‘works of art’ that have been admired and sought after by many over the past 25 years. She is faithful, passionate and pretty much obsessive about her craft.

One of Tiffin's colorful flower arrangements.


Working on both the east coast and west coast to hone her skills, she has developed a solid reputation for her creative and high-end designs. Tiffin is known for her unique, upscale and chic bridal arrangements, and has even worked with several celebrities for their special events as well. “It was a thrill and pleasure to provide distinct floral arrangements for a host of amazing celebrities such as B.B. King, Willie Nelson, Bob Hope, Thomas Kinkade, to name a few,” says Tiffin.


While living in California and working for a prominent florist, she became pregnant and thought long and hard about where she wanted to live and raise her child. She wanted to be closer to family and wanted her to be able to put down strong roots. With that, she returned to Midland.

A large floral mural Tiffin has in progress.


“I recalled Midland from my youth and I could not imagine a place more perfect to raise my daughter than here,” says Tiffin. “My work is my greatest passion. Floral design, be it fresh flowers, watercolor painting or gardening. My work is what I call ‘uptrend’ – trendy and current. It has a strong composition and color. I think my color sense sets me further apart from others because I have studied color as a painter my entire life.”


Since opening Hannah’s Flowers in January, Tiffin has been steady with 15 local weddings under her belt, and more on the books, as well as a variety of special events at the Dow Gardens, the Dow Diamond, the H Hotel and events at the Temple Theatre in Saginaw.One of Tiffin's bridal arrangements for a recent wedding.


While she has done the majority of business in and around Midland, she says that some jobs have taken her outside the region and beyond. She is grateful that Midland has embraced her new business, and she hopes that more residents will come to know and appreciate her unique skill and talent.


“I have had thousands of hours of formal study on color from practice, to the study of Leonardo da Vinci’s optics, landscapes, Martha Stewart's floral selection to the Pantone color charts,” says Tiffin. “I spend an average of 16 hours a day immersed in color and botanicals in one way or another and I often work at the shop for 10 hours, and I paint a minimum of three hours a day regardless of what is going on.”


Tiffin is excited about the future of her business and wants to deepen her roots in the community along wither husband and her second daughter. She plans to expand the shop to allow for more space for her floral arrangements, watercolors and pressed flowers.


Tiffin is also going to develop several growing sites, or fields, that will supply her with fresh and unique floral. Of those sites, she is excited to have one for dahlias and another for peonies and eventually a cutting field for customers and roadside stands in the community.

To learn more about Hannah’s Flowers go to: http://www.hannahsflowers.shop/

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Kathleen is an engaged community volunteer around Midland with non-profit agencies and does some freelance writing as well since retiring from corporate life a few years ago. She enjoys developing relationships with people to find out what makes them unique as everyone has a special story. She is an avid gardener, enjoys Michigan summers up north and along with her husband, has two dogs who keep them quite occupied.
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