Letter from the editor – Thank you for your feedback

Catalyst Midland kicked off in October 2017 with the mission of capturing the ongoing evolution of the city (and region) while supporting the people leading change. For more than two years, we have enjoyed telling your stories about innovation, change, inclusion and more, through the lens of solutions journalism – the dynamic projects shaping the community, the creatives and entrepreneurs defining our spaces and the ideas spurring growth. 

A few weeks ago, we offered a voluntary reader survey for Catalyst subscribers, followers and friends. Catalyst is one of twenty online publications from Issue Media Group, thus our survey matched the set of questions run by all publications, so we could follow our own data and feedback for Catalyst as well as roll up into the larger dataset of the company.Courtney Soule, Managing Editor of Catalyst Midland.

Readers of Issue Media Group publications are more likely to be civic-minded, registered and active voters and more likely to be involved with and volunteer in their community, so we also included some questions to identify reader’s propensity for community connection.

Thank you for taking the time to offer your information and thoughts – all were read and considered. It is through the involvement of citizens like you, our readers, who are integral assets to the community in which we live and work, that we can collectively make a positive, measurable impact.

We leverage the power of community-informed storytelling combined with established reporting techniques to highlight responses to issues that are important to the community and the people leading change. This approach to journalism helps to provide a more complete picture of the issues while highlighting people – which fosters civic engagement and increased attention on the need to support entrepreneurship and social innovation.  Our articles are written and supported by people who want to be a part of the evolution, growth and community success in the region. We feature local thought leaders and changemakers, who often share their ideas and experiences that contribute to the positive momentum of our community.

Catalyst Midland is underwritten by a coalition of community-minded partners, who all aim to make Midland and the surrounding communities a better place day after day. You’ll find a list of our current partners at the bottom of the website as well as the About Us section.

Editors with Issue Media Group, myself included, have full editorial independence and oversight. An article that has been given any form of prior review by a partner is published on the website as partner content, which you will see noted in outline format both on the page and in the article, like this one. All other articles are written and published without prior review or input, such as this article on development, or this one on a local artist.

We are solutions-journalism focused, which means there are a few coverage areas we don’t focus on, like sports, political commentary and investigative reporting, and because those needs are being met by other quality publications in the region.

If you are a past, present or potential future follower of Midland and have a story or idea you would like to share with us to potentially feature, here’s what you can do:

Thank you for your support, readership and most importantly involvement and interest in the community!

Courtney Soule
Managing Editor

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Courtney is a longtime Midland resident and enjoys telling the story of the community's evolution. As the Managing Editor of Catalyst Midland, her favorite topics are interesting people, change makers, outdoor recreation and design. Aside from Catalyst, her published work can be found various places including Elephant Journal, Thought Catalog and a number of other websites, papers, menus and the occasional one-liner. 
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