New Ownership and Exciting Changes at Platinum House Salon

Midland's Magnifique Salon and Spa is undergoing a transformation, as it welcomes new ownership and a fresh identity. Sabrina Sauer, a Mid-Michigan native and a dynamic entrepreneur, has taken the reins of this well-established salon, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter. 

Sabrina Sauer's journey in the world of hairstyling began at home, where she honed her skills on friends and family before deciding to pursue formal training in beauty school. When asked where her interest in hairstyling began, Sabrina says, “I had a million bad haircuts growing up, and I thought, if I learned how to do hair, I’ll never get a bad haircut!” She obtained her hairstylist license in 2017 and opened her own salon, Platinum House LLC, in downtown Midland in mid-2022. Her talent and dedication quickly earned her a loyal following, prompting her to explore opportunities for expansion. Her dedication to her craft evolved, leading her to become a salon owner committed to nurturing and empowering new stylists.

Sabrina's quest for a larger and more suitable salon space led her to an unconventional avenue: social media. An active member of Midland Facebook groups, she reached out to the local community in search of a salon for sale or a location that could be transformed into one. While numerous people responded with potential leads, it was David Bork who provided the crucial link.
Platinum House Salon occupies the former Magnifique Salon and Spa.
David and his wife, Deanna, had been the proud owners of Magnifique Salon and Spa for an impressive 22 years. The salon is located on East Wackerly, just east of Jefferson Avenue. However, Deanna had decided it was time to step back from salon ownership, reduce her time behind the chair, and embrace a new phase of life. After Sabrina's initial inquiry, a conversation between her and Deanna quickly ensued, resulting in a contract that officially transferred ownership to Sabrina as of October 1st, less than a month ago.

The transition of ownership is well underway, with Sabrina and her team actively integrating changes while maintaining the salon's excellent reputation. New package deals, including wedding services, spa days, bachelorette parties, and children's parties, are in the pipeline. With 13 current staff members and plans to hire two more, staff includes nail technicians, a massage therapist and an esthetician, Platinum House Salon and Spa is expanding its services to include lash extensions, nail techs, spray tans, and more.
Sabrina Sauer styling a bride's hair.
Sabrina envisions Platinum House Salon and Spa as the go-to destination for weddings and continues to uphold the salon's commitment to accommodating both walk-in and appointment-based clients. Although the salon's name change is official, the new signage may take a little time to appear.

As the owner of a larger staff, Sabrina plans to remain actively involved in the salon, offering assistance to stylists as they build their clientele. She will continue to accept new clients herself but may reduce her days behind the chair. With an eye on the future, Sabrina is already planning continuing education opportunities for her team and has aspirations to expand the salon's footprint and services. She wants to be an owner who is looked to as a guide and role model for newer stylists. Sauer says, “Stylists have to start somewhere, no one starts with a full clientele, so there is still a need for commission based pay. With continuing education and time, stylists can get to booth renting. When you have someone there to show you how to do it, how to successfully build yourself and promote yourself. I wanted to bring to the table someone who is there to help you, push you, support you. I want stylists to learn as much as they can behind the chair and away from the chair to build their career, and I’m here to support that.”
Sabrina Sauer and family
Deanna Bork, the former owner of Magnifique Salon and Spa, expressed her gratitude for the serendipitous encounter with Sabrina. Bork remarked, “I prayed that when the time was right, the right person would come along. I didn't want to be tied down to a business anymore now that one of my daughters is in college and the other in high school.” 

She believes that Sabrina possesses the passion and determination required to run a successful salon saying, “Sabrina came out of nowhere and after meeting her, I knew she had the passion and hunger it took to run a business.” While Deanna is not retiring and still enjoys being behind the chair, she is excited about this new chapter in her life. Of her future plans, Bork says, “I'm not retiring, I have an amazing clientele and I love being behind the chair.” 

With the transition from Magnifique Salon and Spa to Platinum House Salon and Spa, Sabrina's hope is that her commitment to helping stylists thrive will be seen by clients, old and new.

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Abby Keeley-Scherzer is a Mid-Michigan native, proudly raising her two daughters in Midland, with her husband, Steve. Her degrees are in business administration, cosmetology management, and sociology. Among other great qualities, Abby is an Army veteran,  pageant queen, substitute teacher, and community volunteer.