Community Newspapers profiled in Delta College Public TV (PBS) program

The Midland Daily News, owned by the Hearst Corporation, and The Pinconning Journal, owned by editor/publisher, Craig Barnt, play an important role in their communities. Unfortunately, many newspapers across the country have gone out of business, which is a loss felt by their communities. 
Craig Barnt is the editor/publisher of The Pinconning Journal.
That topic is the focus of a segment in a show I produce for Delta College Public TV (PBS), called “Second Act: Life at 50+.” It focuses on the interests and activities of people over the age of 50. Newspapers have been a part of our daily lives but that’s no longer the case in many communities in this digital age.

My colleague at Delta, Bob Przybylski,and I interviewed Barnt, Dave Clark, the editor of the Midland Daily News, and community leaders in Pinconning and Midland to get their thoughts on why it’s important for a community to have journalists report on what’s happening in their towns. The Daily News prints six days per week while The Journal is a weekly paper. Both have a presence online, as well.
Dave Clark is the editor of the Midland Daily News.
We, at Catalyst Midland, and our parent organization, Issue Media Group, strongly support local journalism emphasizing that it helps people feel more connected to their community. That’s our focus, too.

Please take a few minutes to watch this segment produced for the March 26, 2023 edition of “Second Act,” just click here.

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Ron Beacom has served as the managing editor of Catalyst Midland since October 2020. He's also a freelance writer for the Midland Daily News and the producer/host of "Second Act: Life at 50 Plus" for WDCQ-Delta College Public Media (PBS). He's the co-producer of two WDCQ documentaries about the Tittabawassee River Disaster in 2020, "Breached! and Breached!2-The Recovery."