Flexibility supports area entrepreneurs at the Midland Mall

Of the many resources available to small businesses and entrepreneurs, finding a location with nearby amenities and flexibility can be hard to find. To give area businesses multiple options, the Midland Mall offers two separate and distinct lease terms to tenants: permanent long-term leases and shorter term leases under the Mall's Specialty Leasing Program.
The Midland Mall has many options for starting your business and many of the locations include retail spaces with very minimal setup required. Many of the spaces are in excellent condition and would be considered turnkey, offering potential tenants a low-cost and low-risk environment to launch a new business or grow an existing one.
Some of the spaces available under the Specialty Leasing Program include inline retail spaces, smaller kiosk setups and food and beverage locations. With lease terms as short as one or two months for seasonal demands and rental agreements that can accommodate a variety of needs including fixed rates, the program offers locals looking to grow an existing venture or launch an idea a tremendous amount of flexibility and value.
"The Specialty Leasing Program is designed for the local entrepreneur to help incubate their business with flexible lease terms" said Shawn Weiss, General Manager of the Midland Mall. "We are proud to offer this support structure for area entrepreneurs to grow."
Current specialty lease businesses include many retail and service providers. Rental terms depend on the type of retail being offered and the structure of the business, making the opportunity for various types of business ideas the possibility to flourish. More information about the Midland Mall's Specialty Leasing Program can be found at www.shopmidlandmall.com or emailing sweiss@farbman.com or contacting the Midland Mall Management office at 989-832-9060.
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