Eagle Technologies adds 30 new employees

Eagle Technologies Group in Bridgman realized company record-breaking revenues in 2014, which in turn meant the addition of 30 employees.

The company that provides businesses with the level of automation they need for their work has invested in new, high-tech CNC machining centers with automated multi-tool changers to keep up with its fast growing pace. It provides factory automation for medical, automotive, alternative energy, consumer products, food and military businesses.

The company also is planning improvements to its Bridgman campus that include new servers and computers. Landscaping and lighting improvements also are in the works. The company has three buildings on its campus, for 110,000 square feet. The buildings were specifically built for the type of work Eagle Technology does.

Eagle Technologies Executive Vice President and owner Jay Craig says that the company's customers are expecting deliveries in shorter and shorter time frames. "We are growing our in-house capabilities to meet their expectations," Craig says. "We are doing what it takes to hit delivery dates and provide world class equipment."

The company has been deploying new software to streamline its engineering and workflow provide its customers with the latest technology in 3-D designs and concepts in less time, says Brandon Fuller, vice president of sales and marketing. The goal is to provide customers with ways to automate their processes and provide them with automation that makes them more profitable.

Eagle Technologies says it also looking to attract, hire, and retain 30 more highly-skilled employees in 2015. 

Mike Koziel, President of Eagle Technologies Group, says the growth can be attributed to the trust the company's customers have in Eagle Technology's work. He also says the company's high level of teamwork helps create satisfied customers.

“We have implemented an attitude of communication and accountability throughout our company by talking to our teammates as people and not just employees and by making sure everyone knows our goals and the commitments we’ve made to our customers," Koziel says. "To that end, accountability doesn’t mean management has to continually look over the shoulders of our teammates, instead, our teammates look out for each other and make sure everyone is working toward the common goals of our company."

Eagle Technologies grew from a company with its roots in the tool and die industry when it started in 1953. Now it is one-fourth of a group that covers a wide range of economic segments, as protection from economic swings. 

Source: Eagle Technologies Group