On The Ground

On the Ground helps to tell the story of the people, projects, and innovations that are creating “what’s next” for communities. The intended impact is for “solutions-oriented” media coverage, engagement and ultimately understanding of the community, resulting in awareness and investments that can contribute to the vitality and prosperity of the district covered.

The concept of On the Ground is to use an “embedded journalism” model to maintain a presence in a specific neighborhood for a period of 120 days. During this time the publication focuses weekly coverage on those neighborhoods to tell the story of the businesses, individuals, and nonprofits working and living there.

On the Ground has been embedded in a number of communities in the areas that Second Wave Southwest covers including Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. The neighborhoods in Kalamazoo we have covered include Northside, Edison, Eastside and Vine. We are now doing continued coverage of those areas.

The neighborhoods in Battle Creek On the Ground has covered include Old Lakeview, Post-Franklin, Urbandale, and Washington Heights.

Your On the Ground Team for Kalamazoo are Managing Editor Kathy Jennings, Project Editor Al Jones, and Engagement Manager Vicky Kettner. The On the Ground team for Battle Creek is Project Editor Jane Simons and Engagement Manager Jeff Cotton.

To learn more about On the Ground program, click here.