Son's decision will keep St. Joseph toy store in the family

As a child, Andy Vescolani grew up among the plush figures and kid-powered projectiles of The Toy Company. Now he is will be the manager of the business his parents have owned for 30 years, at 208 State Street in downtown St. Joseph. 

His parents, Bill and Claudia Vescolani, decided it might be time to sell the business when they heard from long-time manager Eliza Kimmerly, that she was retiring. The Vescolanis put the store up for sale last September and received some serious enquiries when Andy offered to take over. 

“We didn’t think we could possibly find a manager who was as devoted to the store and its customers as Liza was, but Andy is committed to keeping the store in the family and ensuring it stays a special place for the next generation of children, parents, and grandparents,” Claudia Vescolani said.

Vescolanis also did not expect that their children would take over the business. "We’ve always wanted them to choose their own paths, but we are thrilled that Andy has decided this is something he’d like to do,” she added.
He earned his bachelor’s degree in business from Sienna Heights University and is a Real Estate agent.

Andy Vescolani says that as the new manager he recognizes that his customers love the Toy Company exactly the way it is. If anything, he says, there will just be more of what they love. “I want to have more demonstrations on the floor and a team of toy lovers who are always willing to play a game or make the perfect gift recommendation,” he says. 

“As a parent you want to bring toys into your home that encourage imagination and bring the family together in fun ways," he says, "that’s the kind of stuff I want on the shelves of the Toy Company.” 

Source: The Toy Company