Consumers Credit Union opens two branches in one week

For the past seven months Consumers Credit Union has been in a construction mode. Now its members can see what been built.

Branches at 4023 Portage Street in Kalamazoo and 56109 Main Street in Mattawan are now open. Lynne Jarman-Johnson, of Consumers Credit Union, says the construction went smoothly and now both offices are welcoming members and newcomers.

The Portage Road branch has 3,100 square feet of office space. Members will find a full-service lobby, an online banking center, tellers, a loan and member service area and safety deposit boxes. It also has drive-through lanes and an ATM.

New features designed with members in mind are a free coffee bar, a children’s play area, and free wireless Internet access.

The Mattawan branch is similarly laid out and equipped, says Jarman-Johnson.

Both branches will employ seven regular employees and others will be called in as needed to address specific financial needs such as home loans and investment services. The Portage Road staff transferred from a nearby branch, while the Mattawan staff is newly hired.

The credit union has opened two branches in one year before, but never two in one week, Jarmon-Johnson says. The back-to-back openings are part of the credit union’s strategic plan. During the economic downturn the credit union focused on providing services its members needed and rather than building new branches.

Some of the growth that spurred the new construction may be attributable to people moving away from national banks, but most comes as a result of the credit union’s reputation for high-quality service, she says.

"Our staff gets very excited when they see our members come in the door," Jarman-Johnson says. "People remember that and tell their friends."

Writer: Kathy Jennings, Second Wave Media
Source: Lynne Jarman-Johnson, Consumers Credit Union
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