Parrett Company sees sales expand by more than 100 percent

As the economy has recovered, steady business has gotten even better for Parrett Company Inc. of St. Joseph. The company that set sales records in 2011, did just as well in 2012 and is already seeing signs that 2013 will be just as good, says Greg Parrett.
During 2012, Parrett Co. income grew by 110 percent compared with 2011, Parrett says. The growth came about through "a lot of hard work, networking and customer service." 
Parrett Co. got its beginnings in 1961 when William H. (Harry) Parrett started to sell and service Royal typewriters and Victor adding machines and calculators. As the world made technological advancements so did the Parrett Co. It added Panasonic, Copystar, Canon, Sharp, Monroe, Hewlett Packard, and Kutter to its product lineup.
The company has grown to seven employees and expects to add two this year, Parrett says. Each if the company's employees has at least 20 years experience in the industry. Every year those on the support staff are thoroughly tested and evaluated by the manufacturers Parrett Co. represents prior to receiving advanced technical training. The company's goal is to respond to service requests within four hours and the company says it hits that mark more than 98 percent of the time.
When customers call for service of a copier, printer or other office machinery they know they will not be getting some rookie reading from a manual while talking to his manager back at the office asking how do I fix this? as he tries to figure out how to make the repair, Parrett say. Dependable service is one of the reasons the company continues to grow.
Customers buy from Parrett Co. because they know the company carries high-rated product line and they appreciate the after sales support they receive. 
Plus the family company has been in business for 51 years and there has always been a Mr. Parrett they can talk to. That tradition will continue as the third Mr. Parrett, Geoff, is already a part of the business.
"We treat people like family and for us that means the way people want and expect to be treated," Parrett says.
Writer: Kathy Jennings, Second Wave Media
Source: Greg Parrett, Parrett Co., Inc.
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