Eastside Neighborhood

Eastside Celebration and Open House at the Eastside Gateway draws a crowd

On May 29, more than 200 people attended the Eastside Celebration and Open House at the Eastside Gateway, 1502 East Michigan Ave., to celebrate the new small housing project and pocket park and to culminate On the Ground’s five months of Eastside coverage.

Michael Seals, Kalamazoo County Commissioner and president of the Kalamazoo Eastside Neighborhood Association, Kelly Clarke, Executive Director of the Kalamazoo Land Bank, and Kathy Jennings, Managing Editor of On the Ground, all spoke. The special guest of honor attendance was Gwen Tulk, a retired librarian at Northeastern Junior High School (now Northeastern Elementary), who was celebrated for turning 102 in April. On the Ground Eastside stories were displayed on posters, and visitors toured one of the small homes.

The event was co-sponsored by the Kalamazoo County Land Bank, Vibrant Kalamazoo, KENA, Eastside Voices, a neighborhood oral history project facilitated by Buddy Hannah and Sid Ellis, and On the Ground Eastside.

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Theresa Coty O’Neil is a freelance writer, editor, and writing teacher with over two decades of covering people, places, and events in the Kalamazoo community. She is the Project Editor of On the Ground Kalamazoo.