Edison Neighborhood

Edison Voices: Jaylah N. Lewis offers an invitation to Fire

Teens at Fire in the Edison neighborhood recently published their own zine that featured the poetry and artwork they created in Fire workshops. This is one of those pieces.

Welcome to Fire
I've got a fire built inside of me. It's a wildfire that can not be tamed. It is and will always be apart of me. So real you could say We're an instagram pic with no filter and We keep it lit and hell ya We got that boneless pizza. There's at least 7 dabs a day with love and appreciate smeared all over the place like a finger painting a 5 year old did we keep it real in this pit of flames tell you how it is whether it's good or bad but whatever happens in this pit of flames stays in this pit of flames. We're a family believe it or not sleep overs in the woods roasting marshmallows with are fingertips t-shirts and zenzs that represent who we are so when you walk into this fire pit I must tell you trigger warning there will be fun. Trigger warning there will be joy trigger warning there me be some pretty awesome damn people inside these flames. So come on in the fires fine come on i promise we won't bite. We make quotes daily and want to put every one on a t-shirt were all special and weird alone but together we make a unicorn we speak are minds through are poems and drawings. Changing are communities one smile at a time. So welcome to fire have some fun and stay awhile. - Jaylah N. Lewis