Neighbors excited about new grocery store: Midtown Fresh

THE LONG-AWAITED OPENING of Midtown Fresh, a grocery story positioned to serve neighbors in the Vine and Westnedge Hill neighborhoods as well as lots of other places across town happened Aug. 8. Social media has been abuzz with comments like “I’m in love!” And customers report full parking lots when they arrive. The store at 1693 S. Westnedge is complete with a butcher on site, local vendors, and its own chef creating more than your usual deli fare. There are "grab-n-go" salads, a hot food bar and a cafe area for seating. Fans of Kalamazoo Coffee Co. will enjoy the cafe. As of Aug. 12 the store continued to seek out employees, as well. Jobs posted included those for the kitchen, those with experience in Beer/Wine (Beer Cicerone/Wine Steward), meat/seafood, or produce. They noted that this is not for beginners. “Experience is a MUST,” the store owners said. 

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