Vine Neighborhood

Summertime in the Vine: A photo story

Editor's note: This photo story is part of Southwest Michigan Second Wave's On the Ground Vine Neighborhood series.

No two summer weekends are alike in Vine where there’s always lots happening, whether it’s neighborhood potlucks, porch parties, pop-up house galleries, Ultimate Frisbee or soccer games at Davis Field, skateboarders in Davis Park, or underground music fans gathering in basements. The first weekend in August, On the Ground's resident photographer, Taylor Scamehorn, was on the job, meeting people and collecting images. It happened to be the weekend of a Vine Art Hop and 20th  Anniversary of O’Duffy’s Pub, a beloved neighborhood watering hole. Here’s just a sample of summer life in Vine, where any day of the week you are likely to hear lots of music and see gardens, dogs, art, bicycles, skateboards, and smiling face.

A Vine resident relaxes after rollerblading.

Whether strolling or rolling, Vine neighbors are out and about on summer evenings.
Unicycles, roller skates, scooters, hula hoops, and flow sticks: neighbors experiment with fun in Vine.
Heelflip, hardflip or kickflip: you’re likely to see them all if you’re near the Davis Street Skateboard Park constructed last year with funds from Kalamazoo’s Foundation for Excellence.
Sponsored by Intrepid Professional Women Network, Inc., the August Vine Art Hop featured women artists, Caribbean food, and the Trinity Prep Center Dance Troupe for its theme, “In Her Honor.”
Whether strolling or rolling, Vine neighbors are out and about on summer evenings.
Dogs in yards and dogs on leashes: warm weather brings out Vine residents and their furry friends.
Photos by Taylor Scamehorn, unless otherwise indicated. See more of her work here.