Voices of Youth: In School Violence, a photo story


This photo story features the work of Habakuki Kibezi, who attends Loy Norrix High School. This is his first Voices of Youth Kalamazoo session. He chose photography to illustrate the problems and solutions associated with in school violence. The Voices of Youth program is a collaboration between Southwest Michigan Second Wave and KYD Network, underwritten by the Stryker Johnston Foundation. 

Photos and captions for this are created for this story for illustration purposes and do not depict actual events.

In school violence was the focus area chosen for this student, and one of the simplest alternatives to violence in nonviolence. This picture shows a hand forming a peace sign with a tree as the background. No matter what happens, peace is always the best option.

This picture shows two people at a picnic table. One person is clearly upset with their head down, and the other is indifferent and looking sternly away. You shouldn't be mean or bother someone because they could be having a bad day.

This picture shows a person, holding their fist directly at the camera lens. Although violence is an option that is chosen oftentimes over peace, it is never the best option.

The art students see in-school violence as such a pervasive issue that even to start thinking about solutions can oftentimes be overwhelming. However, with enough time and patience to consider how to healthily approach the subject it is possible. Communication and critical thinking was again a possible way to avoid physical violence.
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