Ablative Solutions gets $9.5 million in latest round of financing

Hypertension affects an estimated 1 billion people worldwide, and an estimated 65 million adults in the United States. Research has shown that the sympathetic nerves that run along the renal artery play an essential role in controlling blood pressure, and when overactive, contribute to hypertension. Deactivating these nerves modulates the signaling process, and helps to reduce blood pressure.

Ablative Solutions, based in Kalamazoo, is developing a device that delivers with great precision a chemical treatment to the outer layer of the renal artery, where the sympathetic nerves are located. Deactivating the nerves has been demonstrated to reduce blood pressure in patients who are not effectively treated by medication.

The company is now conducting early clinical evaluations of the device. "The company has made tremendous progress in the two years since its inception with a unique approach to renal denervation, and has done so with great capital efficiency," says Dale Grogan of Michigan Accelerator Fund. He was elected to the Company's Board of Directors upon closing of the financing.

The second round of financing for Ablative Solutions has brought in $9.5 million to the company.

"We are pleased with the strong vote of confidence from our investors supporting our pursuit of this novel non-energy approach to denervation," says Tim Fischell, MD, the company's CEO. "We believe that the lessons from clinical experience to date will advance the field, deepening the understanding of the science behind neuromodulation, and, in the end, patients will benefit from improvements in technology and technique."

Source: Ablative Solutions
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