Suzanne's Organics Salon opens in downtown Kalamazoo

When Suzanne Huffman-Chamberlin scoured downtown Kalamazoo in search of the perfect location for her salon, she found a building that was originally a music conservatory. After her husband, Rob Chamberlin, renovated the space and handcrafted a desk, tables, mirrors, shelves, stations, and cupboards, the 600-square-foot, 1800s conservatory became Suzanne's Organics Salon.

"It took a long time to find a place that was just right and we love the feel of this space," says stylist Amy DeBoer, who moved into the salon with Huffman-Chamberlin in April. "It has brick interior walls and original tin ceilings. It’s small with lots of natural light and it’s very private that so people who are walking by can’t see people get their hair done. We want them to have an intimate experience."

The full-service salon offers hair and facial waxing and carries three lines of organic hair products and an array of blended oils, says DeBoer.

"We get a lot of referrals because Suzanne has been a stylist for 20 years," she says. "And the majority of the rest of our brand new business comes from people who are looking specifically for an organic salon."

A part-time receptionist has joined the staff and the salon will have a third stylist soon, but Suzanne Huffman-Chamberlin is taking her time to select just the right person to join her.

"It won’t be just any stylist," she said. "We’re looking for someone who is passionate about using organic hair and skin care products and living a healthy lifestyle. Someone who is very artistic."

Writer: Kelle Barr, Second Wave
Source: Suzanne Huffman-Chamberlin, stylist/owner of Suzanne’s Organics Salon and Amy DeBoer, stylist at Suzanne's Organics Salon
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