Popular bistro to reopen in St. Clair plaza

The Anchor Point Bistro is set to reopen soon in St. Clair.
St. Clair has spoken.

In less than a year’s time, the Anchor Point Bistro built up such an enthusiastic customer base that when they closed in October 2018, customers immediately began calling them to see when and where they would reopen.

Fans of the bistro, which served food out of War Water Brewery from January 2018 to the end of its run there that October, will be happy to learn that Anchor Point will reopen as a bar and restaurant as soon as this May.

"We’re extremely blessed. You can’t ask for much more than the dedication we’ve received from our fans, families, friends, and customers," says Anchor Point co-owner Kim Stevens.

"Our customers have become more than that; now they’re friends. We’re one big family."

Kim and husband Mark Stevens, two U.S. Navy veterans, started Anchor Point as a way to bring homemade-style artisan soups, sandwiches, and flatbreads to St. Clair. As members of the Navy, the couple got the opportunity to travel the world and taste foods not readily available to St. Clair County. Part of their goal is to bring some of those ingredients home.

With the new location comes new hours. Anchor Point will open earlier in the day and also serve breakfast items.

Fans of the bistro won’t have to travel far. Anchor Point remains in the St. Clair Riverview Plaza but this time with their own corner location. Kim promises big panoramic bistro doors to two outdoor seating areas complete with its own outdoor bar. Items collected from around the world will decorate the interior, which will feature varied seating options and a custom-made bar.

As the bistro opens, Kim plans on a number of community-minded missions, devising programs for veterans, pets, and kids. She also plans on working with local high schools to build a foundation or grant for young women to get involved with entrepreneurship at an early age.

"I like to say that it’s the community’s bistro. And it really is," Kim says.

"They’re the ones that wanted us back."

Follow the Anchor Point Bistro online for updates on their opening.

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