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If you have a tip or suggestion for us, please email [email protected].

How to pitch us freelance stories:

The Keel receives valuable contributions from a network of talented freelance writers, photographers, and videographers. We encourage anyone interested in contributing articles, personal essays, photos, videos, social media projects, or any other creative method of storytelling on a topic or individual within our coverage region to email [email protected] with a pitch describing the story you want to tell, how you plan to tell it, and why you think our audience will be interested.

For examples of the types of stories we run, below are some pieces we’ve loved.
  • An out-of-this-world look into Michigan's first Challenger Learning Center, an immersive space-focused educational resource, by Liz Fredendall
  • This profile by Andrea Harrington on an entrepreneur who returned to the Blue Water Area and is fulfilling her lifelong dream through her new business
  • This intriguing story by Danielle Patrick about a Port Huron teenager's journey pursuing a successful career in acting
  • This photo story by Harold Powell highlighting the people and traditions of the Blue Water Traditional Pow-Wow
  • This more-than-your-average-"listicle" by Sarah Spohn about some of the best spots and activities to check out in Lexington
  • This snack-sized Q&A by MJ Galbraith sharing the news about the inaugural MI New Favorite Snack competition in Port Huron
  • This deep dive by Liz Fredendall on a forgivable down payment assistance loan for new Port Huron homeowners
  • This snapshot by Harold Powell highlighting a supernatural filmmaking project made entirely by local creatives

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