Custom drum kits, music lessons, and more: EDG DrumWorks opens in Algonac

EDG Drumworks staff discuss the characteristics of a drum to customers.
The first two students to take music lessons at the region’s newest music instrument store were a 7th grader and a woman pushing 80 years old.

Erik Glasius wouldn’t have it any other way. Glasius, who owns the store with his wife Marcia, celebrated the grand opening of their EDG DrumWorks in Algonac earlier this month.

While EDG DrumWorks grew out of Erik’s passion for refinishing vintage drum kits, a long-time hobby, it’s the Glasius’s trueEDG Drumworks just opened in Algonac. passion to become a center of community for the region. And a near-seven decade difference between the first two students demonstrates just that.

Erik, once band director and now counselor at Clintondale High School (Marcia recently retired as a teacher from there, as well), is an Algonac native.

"I learned how to refinish boats from my dad. I had an old Slingerland kit and applied those refinishing skills," he says.

"I got into refinishing drums as a hobby."

As the drum kits began to pile up at their Algonac home, Erik and Marcia decided to move the business to the old State Farm building on Pointe Tremble Road. There you’ll find any number of new, used, student model, vintage, and custom drum kits, including the ones Erik refinishes himself.

A wide variety of drums are available at the new store in Algonac.EDG DrumWorks carries supplies for student bands and orchestras, like the reeds for woodwinds. They also carry accessories needed by local musicians, like guitar strings and microphone cords and cables.

Music lessons are currently offered for the drums, guitar, and saxophone, with plans to expand instruments offered as the business grows.

A second floor renovation will lead to rooms for audio equipment and hand drums and percussion, Erik says.

Most importantly for Erik and Marcia, EDG DrumWorks will perform community outreach and programming for the arts, including working with the school band, sponsoring events, and offering workshops and clinics.

"We want to give back to the community," Erik says. "There’s not anything in the area like this."

EDG DrumWorks is located at 5256 Pointe Tremble Road in Algonac.

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