Couples skate: New owners breathe life into former roller rink in Kimball

Misty Johnson and soon-to-be husband Brian Chrismon recently opened Family Fun & Skate.
It’s all in a name.

Family Fun and Skate opened in Kimball recently and, as the name implies, it’s a true family affair.

Misty Johnson and soon-to-be husband Brian Chrismon opened the skating rink and café in April, just months after Brian first spotted the vacant building this past January. The couple runs the business while Misty’s son works as the rink DJ. Her mom helps run the café.

Having talked about owning a business together, Brian brought home the idea of a skate rink after spotting the shuttered Skate Port 2 on Wadhams Road. Thinking it would be a quick renovation job, the couple would have to rebuild the skating rink as the building was used as a warehouse in between its iterations as a roller rink.

"A lot of the kids and their families that used to go to Skate Port 2 have returned and they’re very excited. We’re getting lots of birthday parties, church groups, grown-up skaters," Misty says.

"There are a lot of kids living on dirt roads around here that get to roller skate for the first time."

Family Fun and Skate has brand new roller skates for all ages, as well as in-line skates for younger skaters. There is a café with fresh--not frozen, Misty emphasizes--pizza, and other items like nachos, sodas, and ice cream.

A seating lounge plays family-friendly movies on the TV.

Misty and Brian had a window-washing business for a short time, but the couple is finding running a roller rink much more enjoyable.

"With opening, it flowed the way it should flow. There haven’t been any roadblocks, it’s gone pretty smoothly," Misty says.

"You set goals and achieve them and you set a few more and achieve those."

Family Fun and Skate is located at 1080 Wadhams Road in Kimball.

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