St. Clair man receives recognition for invention at world's top conference for consumer electronics

A St. Clair entrepreneur and inventor has received acclaim on the world’s highest stage for high tech products.

The Consumer Electronics Show, or what’s more commonly referred to as CES, is the premier exhibition and conference for Dan Cass with the original "Shark" Kevin Harringtonconsumer technologies.

It was at this year’s event in Las Vegas where Dan Cass of St. Clair demonstrated his prowess as an innovator. His Intelashelf--an all-in-one audio, video, and electronic charging device that also plays audio and video, as well as sync with smart home assistants, and all in the convenient platform of a transportable shelf--received heaps of praise at the conference.

Cass is the president and owner of D3 Products.

"The biggest problem in the household today is cord and cable clutter. I’m a single dad raising two boys and there are charging cords everywhere. One day I saw my 12-year-old dragging an extension cord across the sofa," Cass says.

Intelashelf--an all-in-one audio, video, and electronic charging device makes working with electronics neater and smoother."We have limited space for more and more electronics. That’s how Intelashelf was born."

The Intelashelf is a shelf that slips in between a couch cushion or mattress. The device has a cup holder that doubles as a video projector, Bluetooth audio speakers, and three charging ports.

Out of approximately 1,200 different products, Cass’s Intelashelf made it to the top 10 group of finalists to pitch their companies at the ShowStoppers LAUNCHIT event, of which one of the judges was original Shark Tank judge Kevin Harrington.

Intelashelf was also a Smart Home Mark of Excellence Finalist.

Cass is understandably excited about the reception his product received at CES 2020. His company is currently in the investor phase as it seeks B2B partners to take the product to market.

"I finally invented something for myself to make my own company a multi-million dollar company. That’s the goal," Cass says.The new portable shelf is meant to make life easier and is receiving heaps of praise.

"I always say that innovation creates competitive advantage. I did that for years for other companies in the corporate world and they were rewarded.

"Now I want to reward myself."

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