Beauty boutique expands in scope of services and size with new Fort Gratiot location

Libby Beauty Boutique recently moved to a new space in Fort Gratiot.Beauty is their business and business is good.

So good, in fact, that Libby Beauty Boutique had to move to a bigger location in Fort Gratiot to accommodate their growth.

We asked them all about it.

Q: If you met a stranger on the shores of Lake Huron, how would you describe your business?

A: We are a fun-loving, full-service salon and apparel shop different from any other. We have an industrial/modern design and a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for both men and women. Our team of stylists each have their specialties, making sure they do their best work at every visit.

Q: How did Libby Beauty Boutique get its start?

A: The owner, Kayla Sesi, has always wanted to own her own salon or boutique one day, so after six years of specializing in eyebrow shaping and makeup, she started Libby Beauty Boutique! Little by little she continued to grow her team and services, while adding on retail and clothing.

Q: Libby had previously been at a different location. Why the move?

A: Libby has been continuing to grow quickly, so with just two short years we outgrew our little space and upgraded to a bigger space on the north end of town. We have been able to add another hair styling chair, soon a barber section, another lash bed, and an additional pedicure chair to accommodate more clients. This new space also gives us the opportunity to expand even more!

Q: What about your new Fort Gratiot location excites you? Why Fort Gratiot?

A: We now have our own building (before we were in a suite), giving us more room. We love our new design, we changed our vibe/look--industrial and modern, yet still cozy and comfortable. We felt the north end (Fort Gratiot) needed a salon like ours because of how unique we are and what we have to offer!

Q: What do you have planned for the Grand Opening party?

A: We plan on having cocktails, appetizers, music, gift basket giveaways, VIP coupons, five-to-ten minute chair massages, and lots of laughter and fun!

Libby Beauty Boutique is located at 2965 Cherryhill Drive in Fort Gratiot.

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