Canadian data collection firm finds a home in downtown Port Huron

Port Huron is the only physical home for Logit Group.
Port Huron has become home to the only physical office space in the United States for Canadian market research and data collection firm the Logit Group.

With call centers in several cities throughout eastern Canada, the company was looking to expand into the United States. A previous call center in Wichita, Kan. had been shuttered, the result of an oversaturated market and it being too far west from the Canadian border.

So why Port Huron?

As it turns out, Port Huron had just the right combination of resources and opportunities needed by the company.Port Huron is the perfect location for Logit Group's offices.

Proximity to Canada? Check.

Training infrastructure by way of The Underground? Check.

A walkable downtown, college students, and helpful city officials? Check, check, and check.

The Logit Group moved into the Capstone Building and opened its 40-seat call center in March. Its flexible scheduling, with shifts on the weekends and from 5 to 10 p.m. on weekdays, could be ideal for college students. It’s no coincidence then that Logit found a building near the St. Clair Community College campus.

Being downtown--and helping grow downtown--is also important to the company.

"I think we can contribute to a more robust downtown Port Huron. We have 40-plus workers looking for food and drinks after 5 p.m. every day," says David Attard, senior vice president for the company’s field operations.

Canadian data collection firm Logit Group calls Port Huron Home"We have the college nearby and the availability of services downtown, and all within walking distance. The walkability of downtown was a huge factor in choosing Port Huron."

Logit Group performs data collection services by phone, and mostly in the realm of politics. With the 2019 Canadian federal election coming this fall, it means that the company is entering a busy season, which also means that more employees are needed.

Group training sessions are held at The Underground Business Center nearby. Attard says that the Port Huron location currently averages about 30 employees per shift. He’d like to get that number to 40.

If he does, Attard says that Logit would be prepared to expand its footprint in downtown Port Huron, hiring even more employees.

Visit the Logit Group online to learn more about employment opportunities.

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