Marine City Fish Company expansion on track for June opening

Marine City Fish Company is adding 100 seats to its restaurant
After 10 years in business, it’s been one period of growth after another for Marine City Fish Company, the destination smokehouse and eatery on the shores of the St. Clair River.

Having opened with just 10 tables in 2008, the restaurant has invested in expanding its footprint every three to five years. In 2011, they took over an adjacent space in their same building and received a liquor license, to boot. In 2016, they built a new addition, entrance, kitchen, and expanded their patio from 20 to 65 seats.

The moves have paid off. Marine City Fish Company has become a destination, drawing diners from not just the county but the region and beyond.

Now the restaurant is deep in the construction of another expansion. A 2,500 square-foot addition has been built. The HVAC is in place. Now all that’s required are the details and finishing touches.

With the popular patio having to be shut down every winter, the new addition will allow for 100 more seats, no matter the season.

"We were looking to expand the dining experience so we can take more customers in the winter," says Missy Fisher, who co-owns the restaurant with husband Jeremy.

"We’ve had to shut down so many tables during the winter, 65 seats of people. We’re going from hibernation season to hosting parties and private events year-round."

Missy says that construction of the addition is going even faster than expected. She anticipates that construction will be completed by the end of April, training for the new staff of 15 to 20 additional employees will be finished by the end of May, and that the addition will officially be open for business come June.

The original restaurant, meanwhile, remains open throughout construction.

"We’re confident about the addition, it’ll provide a fun atmosphere," Missy says.

"We’re hoping that it keeps this community booming. It can only help the other businesses here, too."

Marine City Fish Company is located at 240 S. Water St. in Marine City.

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