A new venture in a new city: Macomb County resident opens resale shop in Port Huron

Some entrepreneurs find success by staying right in their hometown while others may travel the world to accomplish their goals and dreams. One Macomb County resident along with her business partner has found her dreams landing her in the city of Port Huron.

Mary Jenkins, co-owner of Mine & Yours Estate Sales Outlet LLC, is a small business owner trying her hand at setting up shop in a new region. Located off of Griswold Street in Port Huron at the former Serve-All Appliance Parts & Repair, the resale shop offers unique items such as collectibles, toys, handmade art, clothing, and paintings.

“I love art, and the stories behind the pieces,” Jenkins says. “I chose to open a storefront because I like people. I could have gone the internet route, but I’d prefer to interact with people.”

Originally a side hustle during the pandemic, Jenkins says she experienced success with resale and the business continued to grow leading to a need for a brick-and-mortar location.

“I was renting spots in different locations until I ran into a friend who asked why we didn’t just have our own space,” Jenkins says. “This place popped up and here we are. Port Huron is a beautiful city — I had no idea.”

Offering unique items such as collectibles, toys, clothing, and handmade art, Mine & Yours Estate Sales Outlet LLC is located at 1702 Griswold St. in Port Huron.

Opening up a business in a new city is sure to come with its own set of challenges. Jenkins has been met with an unseen issue involving parking space.

“This space used to be a corner grocery store for 35 years from what I understand, then it was an appliance sale and repair shop,” Jenkins says. “After signing our lease and going to the city to finalize everything they told us we are short two parking spots. We are in the process of seeing how we can fix the issue currently, but we are hopeful it will be resolved quickly.”

Luckily Jenkins doesn't have to shoulder the burden alone. She is assisted by co-owner and business partner J.R. Hooper who is a resident of Port Huron.

“We have a lot to offer our neighborhood and our neighbors have been very supportive of us so far,” says Hooper.

As one of the newest additions to the local business community, Jenkins says she hopes to also find other ways to get involved.

“We want to be not just a store, but we want to be a prominent community member,” Jenkins says. “It’s all about giving back … We plan to service the community in some way, shape, or form.”

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