Partnership leads to faster internet access for St. Clair County businesses

A new partnership is improving Internet access across St. Clair County.
High-speed internet access is about to improve throughout St. Clair County, this thanks to a partnership between the St. Clair County Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) and 123Net, the Southfield-based internet service provider.

Each party believes the partnership a win. St. Clair County RESA will gain a larger fiber network than its current network, the approximately 200 miles it built more than 20 years ago, as well as lower internet costs. 123Net expands into St. Clair County and gains access to its businesses and industries.

RESA also receives access to 123Net’s data center--one of the state’s largest--and the Detroit Internet Exchange, one of the largest peering hubs. St. Clair County businesses may also connect to the Detroit Internet Exchange.

"Much of our area is significantly underserved and bringing more providers to the area will only help our community," says Dennis Buckmaster, RESA’s Director of Information Technology.

"This partnership with 123Net will help to close that gap for our county and our businesses. I see this partnership continuing to grow in the future."

According to 123Net, automotive parts manufacturers, agricultural centers, power plants, and Michigan’s salt-mining industry are some St. Clair County industries that could benefit from the partnership.

As a result of the partnership, 123Net is building two 10 Gbps virtual pipes between their Southfield data center and the RESA. They expect to complete construction of an internet backbone along the St. Clair River later this year.

"We’re dedicated to providing Michigan businesses with the best service possible," says Chuck Irvin, Director of Network Development at 123Net.

"So it’s really a win-win for everyone involved when businesses get the connections they need, the RESA is able to grow and upgrade inexpensively, and we get to expand our footprint to another community that we can serve."

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