Gym for ninja-training opens in Port Huron

Checking out equipment before the grand openingNinjas young and old now have a place to train together in Port Huron.

The Fuse at Flames Gym celebrated its grand opening recently with its first round of classes. The ninja, tricking, and parkour obstacle training gym opened in the same building as its sister businesses, All American Flames Gymnastix and the Tot Spot.

Trampolines, rope ladders, slackline, and a bevy of climbing obstacles form a gym that combines the martial arts with gymnastics.

The Fuse offers classes for children beginning at 5 years old up to and including adults. There is also open gym time.The Fuse at Flames Gym

Imagine the television show American Ninja Warrior, but from an exercise standpoint.

"We mostly wanted something that was different than gymnastics but still required strength and determination," says co-owner Melinda Scheible.

"Plus it’s super fun."

Melinda owns the gym with co-owner brother Joe Scheible. It was their brother Ben’s idea to start the ninja gym.

The Scheibles first opened All American Flames Gymnastix 12 years ago. The success of that first venture, combined with open space left in the building, led to the opening of the Tot Spot, a second gymnastics gym, but for toddlers. The Fuse at Flames Gym takes up the remaining space in the building.

All in all, the Scheibles athletic complex makes up roughly 30,000 square feet of gymnastics and athletic training.

Melinda credits the gym’s success and growth to the passion they have for their work.

Ninja challenges await visitors to the new Fuse at Flames Gym."We want to see kids be fit and be empowered from that. We use the tool of fitness to make changes in kids’ lives. People see that and want to be part of that," Melinda says.

"To see kids smile when they accomplishing something--that’s exciting."

The Fuse at Flames Gym is located at 2915 Lapeer Road in Port Huron.

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Photos courtesy The Fuse at Flames Gym Facebook.

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