#PeopleofPortHuron: Amanda Gregg, creating innovative wines

Port Huron is evolving. These are the people shaping its future. This week's feature:

#PeopleofPortHuron: Amanda Gregg, creating wine for everyone Amanda Gregg has a passion for all things wine. As manager of Green Barn Winery in Smiths Creek, she's happy to help customers choose the perfect wine for any occasion. She is quick to share that Wadhams Sangria is their best-seller, the sweet taste appeases many palates. She also recommends the Grand Merlot for someone looking to try a drier tasting wine that is off the beaten path. When it comes to choosing the best wine, she says "go with what you know." If you like strawberries, find a wine with that fruit in it, and build off of that. The winery is a true family affair. Amanda works with three generations of family, including her grandmother Kathy Cunningham, parents Mike and Becky Wrubel, and sometimes even her 7- and 11-year-old sons. "When they don't have school, they greet customers, rinse out bottles and they love it," she says. "Anything they can do to help the family." The winery opened it's doors about six years ago with a stock of sulfite-free wines. While on their honeymoon, the Wrubels discovered Becky was allergic to the naturally-occurring sulfites in wine. Together, the family found a way to remove the sulfites, and create an alternative wine. The family-operated business is dedicated helping Port Huron succeed. Amanda enjoys taking part in a wide variety of activities each year from the Blue Water Wine tours to a trip on the Huron Lady II and events around the community. Amanda is grateful that her family has had such an impact on the Port Huron area for years, they try to give back as much as possible. Amanda says one of the best things about Port Huron is that, "We know everybody, and it's family." #winery #sulfitefree #PeopleofPortHuron #greenbarnwinery

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