Downtown Marine City essential oil boutique offers free care packages for cancer patients

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, you may know of someone fighting cancer or in remission that could use a care package to brighten their day or pick up their spirits, to show you are thinking of them.

Anointed Essential Oil Blending Boutique in downtown Marine City offers just that.

Owner Monique Lictawa opened her boutique in October of 2018 with the thought of helping others in mind. “Anointed was opened in honor of my brother Kelly that passed from lung cancer. I saw how oils helped him and wanted to be able to do the same for others,” she says.

Lictawa and her co-worker Donna Heck offer so many different types of services and products — oils, CBD products, skin, hair care, diffusers, bath bombs, and even vegan products — that the store offers something for everyone.

The care packages are free of charge and include a hot/cold pack handmade by Heck, a 5ml bottle of oil blend, and your choice of a room spray. Each care package is thoughtfully put together with the needs and likes of each individual person in mind.

Care packages are available year round and available upon request.

“You can’t put a price on feeling good,” Lictawa says.

“Showing that support, love, and encouragement or kindness means a lot to the person getting that message.”

A typical oil used in the care packages is lavender, which helps with relaxing and to ease anxiety. Patients going through chemo can experience high levels of anxiety and may need help with calming.

“A popular room spray blend is vanilla and lavender,” Heck says.

Each of the ladies have their own recipes for products that they work to perfection before putting a product on the shelf.

“We see different blends and research the benefits of oils and create something from that,” says Heck.

“You can even bring in your own oil recipe we can blend for you,” adds Lictawa. The ladies can also add CBD oil to any product and will begin carrying a CBD pet treat line soon.

Anointed Essential Oil Blending Boutique is the only known store that sells oil by the drop. The ladies explain that it is much more beneficial to the person purchasing the oils; instead of purchasing a whole bottle, you many only need a few drops of a certain kind.

Many of their skin care products offer health benefits. The ingredient Baobab oil is found in fruit trees grown in Africa. Its nickname is the “pharmacy tree” because of the many benefits of the oil.

“Baobab oil reduces inflammation, helps repair skin, and has anti-aging properties. It really has so many benefits,” Lictawa says.

The ladies will also be creating new scents for the holiday season that can be diffused or used as any oil blend added to their products.

Anointed also carries baby care and organic products. Any age can get the health and wellness benefits the boutique has to offer.

“We carry something to help everyone. That’s why I opened Anointed, to be able to help people feel their best,” Lictawa says.

Anointed Essential Oil Blending Boutique is located at 312 S. Water St. in downtown Marine City.
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