Promising future ahead for Port Huron Northern student pursuing career in acting

With an extensive resume following years of acting under his belt, an exciting future seems to be ahead for Port Huron Northern High School student Aven Campau.

Campau fell in love with the art of performing and began acting in 2017 after being introduced to theatre by his mother. To date, the young actor has completed over 30 projects in feature, student, short, and indie films over the past five years and has learned — and accomplished — a lot from his experiences.

In five years, Aven Campau, 16, has completed over 30 projects including short, student, feature, and indie films.“Something I learned on set is to be comfortable. If there’s anything you’re not comfortable with, you must let somebody know what you’d rather do,” Campau says.

Overall, Campau’s favorite film he worked on was “Sound to Sea” while his favorite theatre project was “What the Christmas?” where he said the chemistry with the cast and crew made it an incredible experience.

One of the obstacles the 16-year-old said he had to face was balancing school and acting, but that thankfully school allowed him to complete his work online while he was working on projects out of town.

Recently, Campau celebrated his nomination for best actor in the short film “Mr. Seek” at the Detroit Filmmaker Awards in May and though he didn’t win the award, he says it was one of his greatest accomplishments.

“It was so unreal. I was like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I’m up for best actor.’ The fact that they saw my work and nominated me was so cool,” he says. “Mr. Seek” was filmed in 2019, so I didn’t expect it to be for that film.”

Campau also had the opportunity to act in the upcoming horror film “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone,” a telling of a story written by Stephen King and John Lee Hancock about a teenager who receives a text message from his recently deceased employer. The Netflix film, directed by Hancock, is scheduled to be released in late 2022.

Currently, Campau is undergoing a 22-week intensive online workshop called The Craft, led by Los Angeles talent manager/producer Corey Ralston. At the end of the course, Campau hopes to have new skills that he can bring to his next projects and aspires to one day have a leading role at Netflix, feature in a Marvel film as a prominent character, and hopes to be Spider-Man 2099.

To learn more about Campau or to see his filmography, visit his website
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