How a Fort Gratiot stylist is helping people look and feel their best

How does the old saying go? The clothes don’t make the man? Well, we all wear clothes and we’re all familiar with fashion — whether we have style or not is another subject. Surely some of us hope the styles we once wore will stay buried in our closets forever.

Ever wonder how the movie stars and celebrities always seem to have such impeccable attire? Well, most likely they have a personal stylist of some sort to keep them looking camera-ready. How does the average mom or dad with no sense of fashion get to look like they are ready for the big screen? 

“It’s so much more than clothes. It’s the attitude, it’s the confidence, and that, to me, is the most rewarding part of it all,” McCain says.Meet Chakira “Cain” McCain, stylist, entrepreneur, and resident of Fort Gratiot. McCain, or “Cain” as she's known by her friends, is the owner of not one but two unique businesses in the Blue Water Area: Stylez By Cain and Cain Apparel. McCain was born in Port Huron but after graduating from Port Huron High School she moved away to Columbus, Ohio.

“I’m definitely more of a big city girl. I attended Columbus State for ASL — American Sign Language — there's so much to do. I moved out there and created a family and the rest is history,” says McCain.

Making the leap from working for a large company or corporation to entrepreneurship takes faith and bravery especially when deciding to open during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I was actually still working doing PR and marketing for a pharmacy. It wasn't until 2020 I decided to make [Stylez by Cain] full time. Working with so many individuals in business and entrepreneurs, they encouraged me to make this a full-time thing,” McCain says.

What exactly is it that Stylez By Cain does, you may ask, and who can benefit from the services provided? Anyone who wants to go from the housecleaning Cinderella to the glass slipper Cinderella — or Prince, for that matter. Stylez By Cain was started from a natural passion for fashion, wanting to help boost women’s self esteem, and seeing a void in that space locally.

“I provide personal styling services — whether that is in-person or virtual, both are an option. Also personal shopping, which can be either virtual or in-person. People are coming into their own and being a bit more stylish, but there are also a lot of people that do not like to shop, whether that’s in-store or online, and that’s where I come in. I provide styling for every event or occasion such as weddings, photo shoots, business meetings, after-fives, dates, or whatever the case may be,” says McCain. 

Stylez By Cain has styled clients from California, Ohio, and Michigan.

“The most rewarding part is helping somebody feel powerful, helping somebody feel amazing, helping somebody get the job that they never thought they could get because of the way that they dress. It’s so much more than clothes. It’s the attitude, it’s the confidence, and that, to me, is the most rewarding part of it all,” McCain says. 

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Harold Powell is the Community Correspondent for The Keel and owner of Phantom Pen Media offering multimedia services to individuals and organizations across the Blue Water Area. He is a current board member for the Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce and the most recent Chamber Choice recipient at the Eddy Awards. Harold is an avid volunteer for the YMCA of the Blue Water Area as well as Bridge Builders Counseling & Mentoring and in his spare time, enjoys spending time with his son, writing and listening to music, playing video games, and not folding laundry.