#PeopleofPortHuron: Eve Kinert, serving community one job at a time

Port Huron is evolving, here are some of the people shaping its future.
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#PeopleofPortHuron: Eve Kinert, serving community one job at a time Have you ever wished you had an extra set of hands to get you through the day? We all have. Now, Eve Kinert has created a business to make that happen. The 19-year-old Port Huron resident is the woman behind Errands By Eve. The young upstart is eager to make her business thrive, and grow. She offers her services daily, willing to do just about any chore you can imagine. Need dry cleaning picked up? Eve will do that. Need papers filed, no problem. Have some returns at The Home Depot, give her the information and she's on her way. "I will do anything, I've asked for donations, shopped, returned items, and organized," she says. "If you just need an extra pair of hands around the office I will do that." Errands by Eve was inspired by what Kinert calls her "servant heart" and her desire to succeed after high school. "I really have a heart for helping people," she says. A long braintstorming session with her aunt helped her realize Port Huron could use a personal assistant. Currently her services are limited to the St. Clair County area, but she hopes she'll be able to expand north and south, as will as hire some employees. When she's not busy being a personal assistant, Eve says she's often at Cornerstone Church, where she plays guitar and sings, or hanging out with her friends at a coffee shop like the Raven, or the Exquisite Corpse. As she watches Port Huron change and grow, she's pretty content with what she's seen, but hopes soon there will be a few more activities for young adults. With her motto of "Worry less, enjoy life more," Eve hopes she can help you tackle your to do list. She has flexible hours. For more information check out her site, errandsbyeve.com. #peopleofporthuron #errandsbyeve #personalservice #personalassistant #girlfriday #porthuron #help

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