Hippy Dippy Creamery offers unique treats and fun in Marysville

Hippy Dippy Creamery, one of the Blue Water Area’s newest ice cream shops, is creating close community connections while serving up sweet treats.  

Husband and wife Jamie and Matthew Faulkner are lifelong St. Clair County residents and owners of the ice cream shop whose five elementary-age children couldn’t be more thrilled about their parent’s new business. During the day, Matthew works for the post office as a letter carrier while Jamie works full-time managing the ice cream shop.

“We've been really happy and excited about the community engagement, it's been great,” Jamie Faulkner says. “People have been very positive and supportive and we're very thankful for that.”

Summer flavors at Hippy Dippy Creamery.Located off of E. Huron Blvd. across from Marysville High School, Hippy Dippy Creamery opened June 1 and offers 36 flavors of ice cream, Italian ice, and sherbet. Several non-dairy options such as Electric Watermelon Italian ice, Rainbow Sherbet, or Black Cherry Oat Milk.

“We knew we wanted to do a hard-packed ice cream which there weren't any other places doing that at all so it's kind of something different to the area,” Jamie Faulkner says. “It’s been a really great location for us.”

On the menu, Hippy Dippy Creamery offers rare or one-of-a-kind flavors like Matcha Green Tea, Cappuccino Break — coffee-infused ice cream swirled with candy-coated almonds and chocolate-covered toffee — or Black Licorice, as well as unique treats such as Cheese Cake Sticks or a sundae option made with mini Belgian waffles. Movie nights with themed treats and secret menu items have also been a frequent occurrence at the ice cream shop.

Hippy Dippy Creamery staff pose for a photo.

“Our biggest thing is constant innovation,” Jamie Faulkner says. “We are just coming up with different offerings, in addition to our ice cream. Maybe people don't want ice cream, maybe they just want to try something different.”

Hippy Dippy Creamery’s ice cream is provided by Chocolate Shoppe based out of Madison, Wisconsin.

“With how busy we've been with their ice cream selling here, people love our ice cream,” Matthew Faulkner says. “We see it on social media, they love the flavor profiles, they love the styles, and they love the taste of it.”

Matthew Faulkner says while they would have loved to use a Michigan product for their business, the quality of the ice cream offered by Chocolate Shoppe was a key factor in their decision.

“It's a higher butterfat content, less overrun, which means there's less air put in there so it's a more dense and creamier product that you can’t get going with some of the other ice cream manufacturers here in Michigan,” he says.

Hippy Dippy Creamery also offers fun, seasonal creations. On its menu for a limited time this fall are treats such as the Witches’ Brew, a blend of spiced pumpkin and brewed espresso ice creams, or the Carmel Apple Pie Sundae which features a honey crisp apple topped with apple pie ice cream, caramel, whipped cream, and a cherry.

At Hippy Dippy Creamery's outdoor patio, you'll find plenty of seating, games, and artwork by last year's mural contest winner, Stella Collar.

Outside of ice cream, the Faulkners strive to engage with the community in other ways. Through their annual mural contest, a Marysville student will have the chance to create a mural at the ice cream shop earning the young artist not only the opportunity to have their artwork displayed publicly, but a free t-shirt, free ice cream for a year, as well as a $500 college scholarship. The winner of last year's inaugural contest was Stella Collar, whose colorful artwork featured smiling faces, peace signs, and ice cream dripping over a record.

“It's one of our ways to feature local upcoming artists here in our area, but we have some other ideas too,” Matthew Faulkner says. “We’re planning to get in touch with local bands for next year where they can come out if they want a platform to play. Like high school students that are forming their own garage bands, not professional companies, but just to help promote them here at our shop.”

This fall, Hippy Dippy Creamery’s current hours are Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. To see if your favorite flavor is in stock or learn more about the ice cream shop visit hippydippycreamery.com or facebook.com/HippyDippyCreamery.
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