Move to downtown Port Huron will have strong impact for radio stations

Station Manager Brian Smith shows of new office space for Power 88.3 and Hope 99.7.
For decades, radio stations Power 88.3 FM and Hope 90.7 FM having been sharing inspiration across the Blue Water region from inside the walls of Ross Bible Church in Port Huron.

All of that is about to change, while their message of hope remains the same. The radio stations are moving into the heart of downtown.

Station Manager Brian Smith says he is very excited about the move. While everyone is grateful for their longtime home at the church, finding a location that puts them amidst Port Huron's revitalization is amazing and will help them build partnerships and strengthen their investment and impact in the community.

"We felt like now was a good time to make the move, we will be a lot more visible and invested in the community," Smith says.

Crews are working to transform 908 Military into a radio station."This move will bring another solid media entity downtown which is great for the area to keep people connected to what's going on."

The new offices are at 908 Military Street, right in the heart of downtown.

"It's a good corner very excited about it, and we don't plan on moving (again) anytime soon," he says.

Before the move can take place, many renovations need to be done inside the building.

Downstairs, two radio work stations will be right in front of the building, as well as a welcome area for visitors who want to stop in. Most of the building will have an open concept, featuring exposed brick on the walls. Upstairs will house employee work areas, a meeting hub, and production space.

Smith says he loves that people walking by will be able to peer into the large windowfronts and watch hosts as they on air. It will give a new element to radio that fans and passers-by haven't had before.

Construction began at the new site in late March, and the move is expected to take place in late summer or early fall. Smith Large windows will encourage passers-by to check out what's happening inside.says the process has been like a whirlwind since purchasing the building.

Today, the building is filled with the sounds of construction as the building is modernized and changed to meet the needs of the crew. Smith says there are many historical elements inside they hope to keep, like the beautiful staircase.

Now there is a matter of paying for the renovations, which will cost about $250,000. He says most of the money has been raised, but still have about $100,000 to go. To learn more about supporting the renovations visit

Karen Palka, owner of A Beautiful Me, a longtime station supporter says she has invested in both and believes in their purpose, she's thrilled to see them make the move downtown.

Hope FM and Power 88.3 are two inspirational radio channels based out of Port Huron. They are non-commercial, listener-supported stations providing family-friendly programming and positive music 24 hours a day. Listeners can tune in on the radio and stream online at or

Renderings show the facade of the radiot station.
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