From the earth to the moon: Local entrepreneur aims for the stars with new line of beauty products

We are all probably familiar with the quote, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars,” attributed to motivational speaker Les Brown. Meaning that if you dream big, even if you don't hit your intended target, you still put yourself in a better position than you were previously.

Entrepreneurship is the equivalent to taking off in a rocket with the intent to discover uncharted territory, and finding that you can sometimes actually land on the moon.

Fun Fact: In her spare time, Samantha Webb enjoys painting with acrylic and oil on canvas.Entrepreneur and Port Huron resident Samantha Webb is a new face in the world of beauty and skin care products. She started her business Luna Beauty in July 2020 with the intent to empower women.

“I’ve always wanted to be in a line of work for myself, and I decided to start my own beauty line because I wanted to help ladies enhance their beauty when they don’t always feel beautiful,” says Webb. “We are all beautiful in our own ways, but sometimes we struggle with believing it. It’s a way to express ourselves.”

Formerly a resident of Detroit, Webb moved to Port Huron with her mother and father in 2004. Her father, a retired police officer, decided to move to give his family a better living environment and for his daughter to have a better upbringing. Life was great for the family until tragedy struck; Webb lost her mother to illness in 2018.

“It affected me beyond words. I built Luna Beauty off of the love my mother had for me and the way she always believed in me,” Webb says.

In Roman mythology, Luna is the goddess of the moon. One of the symbols used by Luna was the crescent moon. As such, the Luna Beauty logo also incorporates the crescent moon, but with an image of Webb’s face. “When you think of the moon you think of night time, and I’m definitely a night owl. I also go through many phases like the moon does as well, so I liken myself to the moon that goes through phases and wanted my logo to reflect that.”

Luna Beauty offers free consultation, makeup tools, skin care products, and a wide range of cosmetic products with a specialty in vegan-friendly makeup.

“When you think of the moon you think of night time, and I’m definitely a night owl,” says entrepreneur Samantha Webb.“For the more advanced makeup like your foundations and concealers, I try to keep those vegan because those are the bases of the face and what's really going to hold everything else on your face as far as makeup products go,” Webb says. “I feel it’s safer for our skin. There's no harsh chemicals or other impurities that would break our faces out or irritate the skin.”

Luna Beauty has been a part of pop-up shops in several different cities; Webb’s most recent event was at local radio station WGRT’s Bridal Show in Marysville. Their products are also available online. Webb is also gearing up to launch an offshoot of Luna Beauty, featuring handmade jewelry as well as other forms of jewelry.

“Luna Jewels will offer cultural jewelry, as of now we have Egyptian-themed pieces, but over time it will grow to include other cultures as well,” says Webb.