Michigan Honey Hole Fishing provides individualized fishing experience

Nate Perry, lifelong Lexington resident and owner of Michigan Honey Hole Fishing spent his entire childhood fishing.

After landing his first boat at 13, he was determined to earn his Captain’s License. It was in his high school library where he would stay after he finished his homework to continue studying for his license. On his 18th birthday, the US Coast Guard awarded him his Captain’s License. 
Michigan Honey Hole fishing poles on one of their charting boats looking for salmon.
Encouraged by friends and family to start a fishing charter business, Perry took acquaintances out to fish free of charge to see how he felt about taking strangers out fishing. He enjoyed watching people catch their first fish, especially the teaching aspect. 

Since he owned a boat, was good at fishing, and earned his captain’s license, Perry launched his business Michigan Honey Hole Fishing which opened in 2022. After some legalities and having his boat inspected by the DNR, he began advertising. 

“I’ve done Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads, but word of mouth is the golden goose of advertising,” Perry says. “I put 250 signs on telephone poles in St. Clair and Sanilac Counties and received 200 calls.” 

Lake St. Clair draws a lot of attention from all over the world, Perry says. People have traveled from as far away as Japan and Australia to fish for smallmouth bass, which attracts serious fishermen and has been featured in international fishing magazines, like the Bass Master Magazine, and on television. 

Nearly 80% of people who hire Perry learn how to use a rod and reel, along with the nuances of the particular body of water as they fish for the first time. Lake Huron, Lake St. Clair, and the St. Clair River are frequent locations for Perry’s fishing expeditions, targeting salmon, trout, smallmouth bass, pike, walleye, and panfish, depending on the season. Sharing his skills and teaching the specific nuances of each location for fishing each species, Perry says they are ready to go out on their own after a half-day with him. 

Now 20, Perry operates Michigan Honey Hole Fishing Charters from his home. He provides individualized fishing expeditions while considering what motivates people to fish, including the species they wish to target, the port they prefer, and if they intend to fill a freezer or have a good time.

A fishing lure. “Their goals make a huge difference in how I customize the trip,” Perry says. “If the goal is to learn, we move spots intentionally, and focus on different techniques.” 

Trips are limited to one to two people and cost $400 for a half-day of fishing. Everything is provided from tackle, rods, and reels, to beverages. Perry also provides cleaning, bagging, and washing of the fish. 

“The only thing left is for the customer to get home and throw it on the grill,” Perry says.  

Now in his third season, Perry anticipates this being a life-long career. 

“There is huge fulfillment in taking people out to catch their first fish, and even if we start out as strangers - after four hours on a boat, it’s incredible how deep a connection you can make with people,” Perry says. “At the end of the day, we’re like old friends.”

People can book a fishing trip with Perry on the business' website or join his Skool group where he posts learning materials, networking, fishing reports, and giveaways. Next month’s giveaway first prize is a $400 fishing gift card.
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