#PeopleofPortHuron: Jody Parmann, inspiring creative minds

Port Huron is evolving, here are some of the people shaping its future.
This week's feature:


There's no doubt that when you walk into the Raven Cafe and Coffeehouse you notice the many local artists on display. One of those artists is none other than the Raven's own Jody Parmann. An artist at heart, Jody has created her own world of Bitty Baddies. Bitty Baddies are unique portraits she has created of villains with big, wide eyes, giving them a childlike appearance. She is inspired by the work of Margaret Keane, who is known for her big-eyed beauties. Jody's first Bitty Baddie was of the Disney villain Maleficent, after she invested in an iPad Pro to cleanup her work. "When I paint, I'm super-focused and I'm messy," she says. Drawing on the tablet, although much different, has made her life much easier. Now, about two years later, she's completed nearly 50 eye-catching characters. Currently, she's working on a portrait from the show Lucifer. She always pulls her ideas from tv and movie villains, or something new that has come out. It’s important to her to create characters she knows something about so she can have a "nerd conversation" with her fans about the back story. Some characters, she says are cool, but if she can't have a conversation about it, she'll shy away. Jody is always looking for new ideas to villains to draw, and fans can submit suggestions on her site. The caveat is it must be a villain. As an artist, Jody loves the direction the city's art scene is headed, and believes it could benefit from an interactive mural project. Something where people can take photos and be one with the art. When she's not drawing, Jody can be found being mom to her two young children or at The Raven. She loves being a part of downtown Port Huron's renaissance and supporting local businesses. She believes it's essential to support fellow entrepreneurs for a successful downtown.She'd love to see a project like Detroit Kid City come to town, too. It would be perfect to inspire young, creative minds. #bittybaddies #art# #theraven #villains #inspiration

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