#PeopleofPortHuron: Katie Voss, entrepreneur, champion of downtown


#PeopleofPortHuron: Katie Voss, entrepreneur, champion of downtown For six years, Katie Voss has put her heart and soul into making not just an amazing cup of coffee, but ensuring that her customers have a great day. At Kate's Downtown in Port Huron, customers are greeted with a cheery, airy atmosphere and a warm welcome. Katie and her staff are quick to suggest a new drink or specialty menu item. Looking for a drink no one else offers? Give the Nitro a try. It's the only cold brew nitro in town. Kate describes it as fantastic and smooth. A staple at Kate's is the Huron Avenue sandwich, chicken salad on cherry walnut bread. It's the only item that has never left Kate's seasonal menu. She is proud to offer fresh, healthy food and keeps as much of it local as possible.Kate loves being downtown and knew that a Port Huron coffee shop was the ideal career for her. As a student at Michigan State University, Kate worked at a coffee shop and loved it. She found her calling. She brought her skills back to town, knowing she wanted to see downtown Port Huron flourish. Not to mention that her family and most of her friends are local. "This is exactly what we hoped would happen," she says. "For the first time I would say that we are doing better than the north end." Kate is proud that once a customer comes in her store, they become a customer for life. She knows about 90 percent by name and is proud to call them friends. Kate has also found some new friends in the St. Clair County Community College students that are dropping by. "The students are better than ever, hanging out all the time." Watching the growth of downtown has been amazing, and she's excited for the future. "We love downtown Port Huron and all of our people."

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