#PeopleofPortHuron: Krista Dean, making people smile one loaf at a time

Port Huron is evolving, here are some of the people shaping its future.
This week's feature:


Krista Dean knows that she loves baking and bread. It is a passion she developed while raising her children. As her children got older and she had a little more time on her hands, she thought she could use her hobby to help bring in extra income for her family. So, she started baking enough loaves to sell at the farmer's market. It was an experience she absolutely loved, from meeting people, to knowing that her homemade goods were being enjoyed. Then life shifted, and detoured her around baking a little bit. But she's fired up the oven again , and is bringing her baked goods from @Nutsaboutgrain to Port Huron. "It's something that really seems to resonate with people- a homemade loaf of bread," Krista says. There's something different about the experience, from the look and feel, to the scent and the flavor. Her whole grain bread is freshly ground, giving it the unique, personal touch that you often can't find any more. Dean is selling her goods at The Roost. She brings a variety of goodies to each sale, and her favorites to make are any whole grain. She'll be at The Roost on Feb. 18, March 4 and March 18 to share more creations like sourdough, multigrain and whole wheat breads, cinnamon raisin bread, chunky chip cookies or maybe even seasoned nuts. Her inventory includes what she can bake in the course of a weekend. Krista says she's been very lucky so far, each week her goods have sold out, and that bolsters her passion to keep her bread business going. "In my perfect world, this is what I would spend all my time doing," she says. Krista loves coming to Port Huron and seeing the excitement of the growing downtown. "This is an amazing place, it really is." She's very attracted to how downtown is changing. It's exciting to be a part of growth, she says. She loves hearing all the success stories knowing that success begets success and it helps spur on her dream. "There's something about building a community that appeals to me." #homemade #freshgoodies #nutsaboutgrain #peopleofporthuron #thekeel #theroost #coworking #porthuron

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