#PeopleofPortHuron: Shannon Schwabe, helping dreams come true on startup at a time

Port Huron is evolving. These are the people shaping its future: #PeopleofPortHuron
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#PeopleofPortHuron: Shannon Schwabe-helping dreams come true one startup at a time It was just a couple of years ago when Shannon Schwabe and her husband, Scott, were preparing to start their hop farm. They sought help from Michigan's Small Business Development Center and were soon pitching their dream to investors. Fast forward to today, and now Shannon is helping other entrepreneurs realize their dreams as a counselor for the St. Clair County Small Business Development Center. Her role is to help other people plan and grow their dreams, from the initial start-up all the way through launch and growth. The job was a natural fit because Shannon loves the whole process of bringing a business to life. She loves every step, from the creative process to actually opening the business in a community. As an Algonac native, Shannon has seen many changes in the Blue Water region firsthand and is amazed by what is happening now. "I love the growth in the community, it's beautiful," she says. "I love seeing what's going on and the growth of every community up and down the river." She's seen Marine City's entrepreneurial ecosystem blossom, and St. Clair is changing, and the strong investment in Port Huron. The key to all that success is definitely the collaboration between many organizations, eager to see new business and each town flourish. "It's amazing seeing them work together and I'd love to see it continue," she says. Towns like Marine City, St. Clair and Port Huron are becoming destinations, she says, with so many attractions for visitors. People often don't realize how many things there are to do, like the Huron Lady cruises, the Escape Room and the plays. Shannon and Scott, spend many nights watching the stage productions around town. Supporting the startups and entrepreneurs around town is important to her, and she's happy to do it. Although she wears many hats in the community and spends many hours working on each of her projects, she's realizing her dreams and it doesn't feel like work at all. #entrepreneur #startups #hops #smallbusiness #PeopleofPortHuron

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