#PeopleofPortHuron: Josh Sabo, dedicated to making people awesome

Port Huron is evolving, here are some of the people shaping its future.
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#PeopleofPortHuron: Josh Sabo is the driving force behind a new Port Huron nonprofit known as The Industry. His goal is to help young adults find their paths in life. He sees the potential in each person he meets, and wants them to build their best life. The Industry, he says, is a "launching pad," for the future. Maybe that's college, maybe it's a trade. But it helps the students have a goal to work toward and pushes them toward finding themselves. Sabo has been working to establish his dreams of The Industry for several years, and is finally seeing the fruition of his dreams coming true. Last spring, the non-profit was still in its infancy, and by the end of 2018, the first group of students was finishing up. All five students graduated and now have a life plan to help them find success. The next course will be even bigger.Eventually he hopes to spread the program across the county. Josh says Port Huron can really benefit from programs like this. "I think Port Huron is one of the most unique, full of potential towns I've ever seen in my life," Josh says. One of his favorite things about the community is its differences, it's not perfect, and he can make an impact. Josh has been reaching out to local school districts to find good candidates for The Industry and has started a peer-mentoring type program called Making People Awesome. The program focuses on building people up, rather than tearing people down through bullying and making people realize how awesome they are. Josh and his family love being a part of Port Huron and spending time downtown at places like Sperry's, Exquisite Corpse, working at The Underground. They just enjoy seeing everything new. His two daughters especially love seeing the lights across the sky. Next to his family, being involved and making an impact in the community are his top priorities. Josh loves life, and hopes to help everyone else feel that way, too. #LearntheIndustry, #lifecoach #potential #TheIndustry #thekeelph #peopleofporthuron #porthuron #makingpeopleawesome

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