Local children’s book author finds inspiration close to home

For an artist or creative, inspiration can come from anything and sometimes, that inspiration is right under your nose.

Author and Clyde Township resident Penny Roskey, is creating a children’s book series based on one of her favorite four-legged friends. Remi is a rescue pup, a Shetland Sheepdog mix from the State of Kentucky. Jazmyn Thomas, Roskey’s daughter, is the owner or Remi’s “mom” as they like to joke.

“The book is about my grandpup Remi because he’s just so adorable and I love him, so I made him a superhero,” says Roskey.

The plot of the first book in the series “The Reminator 2 And B-Yond” sees Remi living on a farm in Kentucky, and meeting his “grammy” for the first time. Remi discovers that he has superpowers inherited through his father’s lineage, and at his new home with “grammy” starts his superhero training to fulfill his destiny of greatness.

“The first book is pretty much his [Remi’s] origin story and figuring out who he is as he grows up,” Roskey says. “The following books will expand on that as he begins to understand and use his powers for good.”

Children's book "The Reminator 2 and B-Yond" is the first in a series of books that follows the adventures of super-powered pup Remi.

Roskey, who goes by the pen name “Pen R. Mark” says she has always wanted to become an author.

“At school I spent most of my time reading and I’ve always loved children's books, so when Remi came along it really inspired me,” she says.

Roskey was inspired to finish the project following a tragic event in her life, so last year she began to work toward her dream.

“I always talk about doing things, but never follow through,” Roskey says. “My friend passed away in December of last year, and that motivated me to finish the book. I feel it's something that needed to be done.”

The book is edited by her daughter and illustrated by her son Marcus Thomas.

“Every picture in the book is based on real locations that our family has ties to,” Roskey says. “The weeping willow in the book is actually from Jazmyn’s college. I spent some time under that tree when I would go to visit.”

You can find Roskey with her book at Birchwood Mall in Fort Gratiot during the Holiday Market Craft Show on Nov. 26. She will have a book release and signing at Great Lakes Gaming which is also at Birchwood Mall on Dec. 10. The book is also available for purchase online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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