Local business owner helps recording artists monetize their art

Many musicians and singers often start off their careers based on a love for the art. It isn't until later when the artist begins to think about taking their music career to another level that money and paperwork begin to get involved, and for these artists, knowing how to navigate that terrain can be an obstacle to making a profit from your talent.

One local business owner specializes in helping artists navigate their way through the confusing contracts and legal terms faced in today's era of music. Port Huron resident Theo Ellis, is the owner of ProSound Media and his passion for helping artists began in 2003.

“I’ve been involved with music for quite some time,” he says. “I’ve worked in radio, produced music, owned a recording studio, and things of that nature. I’ve seen the lack of understanding that many artists have when it comes to the business side of the industry and decided to fill that void.”

In 2016, ProSound Media became official and is now an artist and label services company that Ellis says aims to empower artists with the knowledge of the music industry and also maximize their revenue streams. Its work has helped artists from all over the world including acts such as Harry Connick Jr., Michie Mee, as well as former Port Huron hip-hop artist Substance.

“We provide everything from distribution of the artists' music to platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, to handling the registration of their songs with performing rights organizations and collecting their publishing royalties for them,” Ellis says.

To the average artist just getting started in their music career, there can be many obstacles and people trying to take advantage of your talents. ProSound Media ensures that doesn't happen to its clients due to their experience and knowledge of the industry.

“We also pitch our clients’ music for licensing opportunities, one of which is sync licensing,” Ellis says. “Sync licensing allows the artist or musician to have their music used in TV, film, or commercials. So when you’re watching a show on Netflix and you hear music playing in the background, someone made that, and can be paid royalties for it.”

To learn more or for information about services, visit prosoundmedia.com.   
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