Stacy Elliott to publish her first book Grandfather’s Whispers in August

Turning a lifelong dream into a reality, the Port Huron-based author Stacy Elliott is publishing her first book Grandfather’s Whispers

“I wanted to be an author when I was a kid,” Elliott says. “But for the past 14 years, I’ve been very serious about writing.” 

The book began when Elliott started a writing challenge of 50,000 words. 

“It started off as a memoir because I had these memories in my head that were really sketchy and the biggest impact in my life was my grandfather on my mother’s side,” Elliott says. “He had passed away when I was 21.” 

These memories that Elliott had were beginning to fade, and she wanted to capture her grandfather's soul before her memories were gone. 

“So I started writing little tidbits here and there about my life but then I thought this is boring,” Elliott says. “No one’s going to read a memoir from someone who’s never published a book or doesn’t have celebrity status.” 

That’s when Elliott began to add magical realism and changed it from a memoir to an adult fiction book. 
Stacy Elliot posing with boxes filled with her book Grandfather's Whispers set to release on August 1, 2024.
Grandfather’s Whispers focuses on a 17-year-old girl named Sarah Miller who is in a medical crisis. She meets her grandfather in an ethereal world near a magical oak tree and a still pond. The oak tree’s leaves represent her life memories. When a leaf falls off the tree, she will experience a memory. Once the leaf hits the ground, the memory will disappear. The pond represents a pool of sorrows made from her tears which she will have to dive into to understand why she’s in her medical crisis. Her grandfather will guide her through these memories to help Sarah make a decision that will set the precedence of her life and those around her. 

“This book really helped me come to grips with my own feelings and my own mental health and it helped me move on,” Elliott says. 

Elliott adds those who grew up in the Port Huron area will be able to recognize some of the settings in the book like Garfield Elementary School and The Electric Coffee Co

The book will be released on August 1, with preordering available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and Walmart. On August 22, The St. Clair County Library System will host a book launch event at The Raven Café for Grandfather’s Whispers with Michael O’Hair as the guest narrator. 

“My biggest takeaway is that they walk away with hope in their hearts after reading the book,” Elliott says. “This has been a dream of mine and being able to do it is fantastic.” 

Elliott is also working on a book series called The Snow Chronicles. The first book of the series is expected to be published in 2026.
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