Never give up, never quit: How a local business owner thrives against all odds

When faced with obstacles in life, we at times allow those moments to define us, to hold us back from achieving more. But facing the obstacles placed before us oftentimes makes us better. It is at these moments in life that we learn a little bit more about ourselves and others.

Selflessness is an admirable trait for one to possess. Philanthropy and giving are what helps a community grow and flourish. Humility is another trait that is applauded. In the city of Port Huron lives a man who embodies these traits, and shines his light on the community.

Meet Noel Suarez, owner of Suarez Auto Sales in Port Huron. Spending his early childhood years in Patterson, N.J., Suarez moved to Port Huron with his parents and nine siblings at the age of 14.

“When we came up from New Jersey to here, ya know, it was tough, so we got into this business. You know, I come from a poor family, and I just didn’t want to stay there, I wanted to move on,” says Suarez. 

Growing up as a young child, Suarez had always been around cars. So, it was a natural transition for him to start a business centered around his love of automobiles.

“I’ve been around cars — you know, I started driving when I was 11,” says Suarez with a chuckle. “When we came over here (to Port Huron), we started fixing cars, cleaning them, and you know one thing led to another. My father used to deal in cars — we liked it! I love it! We’ve been involved in cars ever since.”

In 2001, Suarez would turn his love for cars and helping others into a legitimate business. Suarez Auto Sales was established and has been in business ever since. Many who live in the community are familiar with Suarez’s business which has recently moved from its previous location. Suarez Auto Sales is now located at 3519 Military Street, where they had their re-grand opening last month in March.

Helping others is something Suarez feels strongly about. Not only in his own community, but also abroad.

“We do a lot of missionary work in Honduras, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Guatemala. Whenever they need us, we’re there. I’m very humble and very grateful that I am able to do this,” says Suarez. Some of the supplies and items that are provided to those internationally include medicine, food, and clothing. 

Many businesses were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was an obstacle that none were prepared for, causing business owners to adapt quickly to the new rules and regulations. Suarez Auto Sales has managed to stay afloat.

“God blessed me in opening this bigger location. For a second I said, ‘Oh my God, I spent all this money, then the pandemic; nobody’s working.’ But when God is in it there is no limit, and I have been doing excellent,” says Suarez.

Perseverance and determination can open doors that we once thought were not available to us.

“Do not give up, keep fighting, don’t take no for an answer. Motivate yourself, do not quit,” says Suarez.
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