Firearm safety and education is top priority for new training center in Port Huron

The topic of firearms is a controversial subject for many. Guns, however, are a part of American society and show no signs of going away any time soon. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearm industry trade association, nearly 5 million Americans became first-time gun owners in 2020.

With so many gun owners old and new, there has to be some sort of respect and understanding of what it means to be a responsible and safe gun owner. Not only are there laws one must follow, and some that vary from state to state, but there also has to be the knowledge of how to use your weapon safely to avoid harm to oneself and others. 

Introducing Rick Adams of Port Huron and James “JR” Robinson of Southfield, co-owners of United In Arms Firearms & Tactical Consulting in Port Huron. UIAFTC provides gun owners of varying ages and experience the knowledge to safely operate a firearm.

“If you have no firearm experience, we offer a basic pistol course. If you want to obtain your license to carry for the state of Michigan, that’s when you can sign up for the concealed pistol license (CPL) course,” says Adams. “Outside of the CPL course we do advanced pistol training, defensive pistol one and two, basic/advanced rifle, basic/advanced shotgun training, and we also do firearms sales and consultation with the Federal Firearms License (FFL).”

UIAFTC also offers self-defense classes, including one designed with small business owners in mind.

“Our newest course we offer is preventative measures in the workplace. It’s tailored towards small business owners and teaches you self defense in your place of business during the work day with or without a firearm, as well as how to protect yourself and adapt to your surroundings if you feel a situation is starting to develop,” says Robinson.

Adams and Robinson met sometime last year and built an immediate bond through their passion for firearms training and education. Shortly thereafter, UIAFTC was born. Prior to forming UIAFTC, the pair were already established business owners on their own. They decided to put their business minds and skills together and form a one stop shop for all things firearms related. 

“It kind of just happened. He's got a bunch of good ideas, and along with a bunch of good ideas I have, we just started writing things down,” says Adams.

“We were already doing this separately. Rick was more into teaching, I was more into sales, and with the demand of firearms during the pandemic being super hard to keep up with, it was just a logical choice to make,” Robinson says.

So whatever your views may be pertaining to gun control laws, or firearms in general, the gentlemen at UIAFTC are happy to educate and train all individuals seeking to become more responsible gun owners.
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