Lexington couple launches Your Mom’s House, a new food truck specializing in gluten-free fare

For years, Lexington resident Amy Schmidt struggled with food allergies. A universal concern for many, Schmidt’s allergy started her and her husband, Curtis "Curt" Brown, on a culinary journey that transformed their lives and led to the creation of a new venture in the Blue Water Area.

After a revelatory trip to Mexico where they embraced a diet comprised solely of fresh produce, Schmidt says she experienced an incredible improvement in her health. Upon their return, further research led her to pinpoint gluten as the root cause of her affliction.

Cognizant of the dangers of cross-contamination, the couple sought dedicated gluten-free options, finding only a handful including just two food trucks in Michigan offering 100% gluten-free menus.

“For gluten-free people, it’s like rolling the dice every time you go out to eat, especially if staff is not really aware of different allergies,” Schmidt says. “People like me can’t go out because you might be doubled up the next two days in pain on the couch.”

Fueled by their experiences and a desire to provide a safe haven for those with similar dietary needs, Brown proposed the idea of starting their own mobile food truck dedicated entirely to gluten-free cuisine.

Their culinary journey is as unique as their personal story. Brown, a retired Canadian Navy diver and steamfitter, met Schmidt during the pandemic. Their initial interactions happened beneath the Blue Water Bridge, yelling jokes back and forth to each other at night where Brown says Schmidt “swooned me over to the U.S. side.”

Eventually, the couple melded their diverse backgrounds — Brown's technical expertise and Schmidt's extensive experience in the restaurant industry — to conceptualize Your Mom’s House, a food truck that embodies their dedication to wholesome, gluten-free fare.

"Our priority is quality and freshness, ensuring a dedicated gluten-free environment to offer the tastiest, freshest food available," Schmidt says.

The couple opened the food truck in October 2023, naming it Your Mom’s House.

“The ‘Love, Mom’ logo on all of the take-out boxes is like the seal that your meal was made with love,” the couple says.

The food truck is classified as a Special Transitory Food Unit (STFU) which means all of the water, power, cooking equipment, and refrigeration is contained inside the truck. Schmidt says it offers a compact yet efficient setup, and because there is no freezing, it allows them to provide the freshest food possible, prepared just hours before events.

Brown is responsible for all of the work to “get us there” Schmidt says, including running the generator, trailer, and “all of the techy stuff” including accounting and spreadsheets.

“I just take care of the food, so we’re a really good match,” she says. “Curt and I sprinkle our respective talents around, but this business and our family are our current full-time focus.”

Looking ahead, Schmidt and Brown envision a thriving business and have several ideas to expand. They welcome inquiries and connections via Your Mom’s House at facebook.com/profile.php? id=100092363382211.
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